• jerry-sacklehJerry Sackleh
    President & General Manager
    An employee of Atlas since 1978, Jerry is a Manufacturing Engineer with hands-on experience in all aspects of the company. As President, Jerry is responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight of all company operations.
  • john-sacklehJohn Sackleh
    Vice President & Production Manager
    John’s employment with Atlas began in 1987 as a machinist assistant and machine operator. Throughout his tenure he occupied roles that allowed him to gain extensive knowledge in shop operations and assume his current leadership position.
  • Quality Assurance Manager
    Management responsibilities include quality assurance; and oversight of subcontractors, vendors, shipping and receiving.


  • Maxine Hayes
    Office Manager
    Maxine has been office manager with Atlas since 1986. She is responsible for all office administrative functions, including purchasing and billing.